Amaro Braulio


Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 21%

Why You'll Love It

So, you've eaten a large amount of pasta tonight and your belly feels like it's going to birth a carb baby within the hour, you can either sit on it uncomfortably in a dimly lit restaurant or you can have a glass of Braulio and ease your stomach pain. Dating back to 1826, Braulio is the love child of Francesco Peroni a botanist/chemist. Produced in the Italian town Bormio, this very distinct Amaro is named after one of the most famous mountains that picket the town. You can expect a spicy, bittersweet drink chock-a-block full of cloves, dried fruit, cola, liquorice and bitter bark. It likes to be enjoyed over ice or snug in a glass by itself.

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