Avallen Bees Knees Bottled Cocktail 700ML

$68.60 $98.00
Bottle Size:

Cocktail Ingredients

Amber Drop Honey
Distilled Acids
Purified Water
Foaming Agent

Also Included

Dehydrated Orange

Why You'll Love It

Apples and Australian honey. What else do you need? This is our twist on an old gin thing that is a modern, climate positive revamp thanks to Avallen: A delicious and completely natural apple-based spirit, with sustainability at the very core.

Pour a healthy measure into your cocktail shaker or mason jar with ice and give a good, hard shake. Fine strain through a tea strainer into your chilled glass. Drink with a pinky raised, you discerning thing.

Avallen has two clear missions: to save wild bee populations around the world and to be the world’s most planet-positive spirit. Did you know that the bee has been declared the most valuable living being on our planet and is at risk of becoming extinct? For every bottle sold, we will donate $1 to support local bee charities that help save wild bee populations.

BEE MORE, Drink Avallen.

 700mL serves around 10 (depending on your pour, mood and thirsty friends!)

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