Clover Club Cocktail Pack

$69.30 $99.00
Kit makes 14 cocktails in your home.

Pack Includes

No 3 Gin
MONIN Raspberry Puree
Dehydrated Citrus
Easy to follow instructions

You'll Need

Fresh Lemons
Fresh Raspberries
The white of one egg

Why You'll Love It

Invented in the Philadelphia men’s club of the same name (bereft of ideas). We are not too sure what a “men’s club” is exactly. Although, we can thank Mary R Deacon for her ability in documenting the drinks recipe and eventually handing it on to be popularized in many classic cocktail books.

A perfect little gin sour. If you commit, we will send you a few tips and tricks in taking this to the next level. First tip: get some cool French Vermouth too.

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