Cosmopolitan Bottled Cocktail

$22.40 $32.00
Bottle Size:

Cocktail Ingredients

Grainshaker Corn Vodka
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
MONIN Curacao Triple Sec

Also Included

Dehydrated Orange

Why You'll Love It

This cocktail, like so many classics, has its history lost in rumors and lies derived from late nights and inebriated bartenders.

We have spent years perfecting ours. The Discerning Drinks Cosmo is a melting pot of this classics cocktail ancestors. Within, you will find big, beautiful vodka, bright citrus, a tart blend of cranberries and a good oily Curacao.

You leave the drink to us.  We will leave the Mr. Big reference to you.

200ml serves 2 cocktails 375mL serves 6 generous cocktails and 700mL around 10 (depending on your pour, mood and thirsty friends!)

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