Don Fashioned Bottled Cocktail 700ML

$68.60 $98.00
Bottle Size:

Cocktail Ingredients

Don Papa Rum
Cardamom Bitters
Filtered water

Also Included

Dehydrated Orange

Why You'll Love It

We are so proud to be setting another trend here. We got our hands on this fine Spanish style rum from the Philippines recently and couldn’t help nudging it into a cocktail corner.

Introducing our Don Fashioned. You will be sipping on a complex arrangement of Don Papa, Bourbon barrels, Saffron & Cardamom pod.

Pour straight over ice. Garnish with those dried fruits we have given you. And maybe some Saffron if you are so inclined.

700mL serves around 10 (depending on your pour, mood and thirsty friends!)

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