Fentimans Connoisseurs Tonic Water


Bottle Size: 200ml
ABV: 0%

Why You'll Love It

Mixers don't have to be bad for you. Very hard to top this (not so little) range. Made in a traditional method, spring water, cane and natural yeast go into vats with whole botanicals to ferment naturally for up to a week (and yes that means a little bit of extra alcohol). Fentiman's comes out the other side the most structured, complex mixer we have come across. And we have come across a lot. Onto this particular bottle.

Have you ever pretended to like gin and tonic? Have you ever ordered an expensive gin, and bar the price tag or the fact it had half a garden salad as a garnish, it just tasted like tonic? We hear you. Preach. That bitter stuff in tonic is quinine. It comes from a tree you haven't heard of and cures a load of stuff you wouldn't have. Fentiman's have halved it in this inspiring recipe. Now you can taste your more modern delicate gins through it. The gin is the hero, and these legends know it. Treat your garden salad right.

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