Haymans Old Tom Gin

$49.70 $71.00

Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 40%
Old Tom is a style of gin production that dates to 18th century London. There are a few rumours here and there but consistently we understand that this was a time known as the 'gin craze' and occurred just prior to the industrial revolution. With no where to sit and not too many jobs, gin looked quite tempting. So tempting in fact the government passed lots of 'Gin Acts'; laws to diminish the popularity of gin and its growing drunkard fan base. This lead to pub owners hailing a black cat above their doors. The cat colloquially known as Old Tom symbolised a safe place to buy some gin. Some of these places were registered and some where operating illegally. One registered company of the time continues to make their gin to the original recipe (albeit better alcohol and production). That Gin is Hayman's Old Tom. Get some history into you. Other Old Tom products could have (and usually would have) been manufactured in bathtubs or homemade stills. Extra sugar and botanicals were used to mask the flavours of poor-quality alcohol and water. When you taste this gin, it is richer in style. Big sweetness and bold botanicals. Check it out in a Gin & Soda or a Martinez.

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