Mai Tai

Kit makes 14 cocktails in your home.

Pack Includes

Don Papa Rum
Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao
MONIN Orgeat Syrup
Tiki Garnish Pack
Easy to follow instructions

You'll Need

Fresh Limes

Why You'll Love It

The Tiki movement was powered by great bartenders stealing drink recipes, changing them, leaving fake recipes on coasters in each-others bars to throw them off the scent, to blatantly lying about drinks creations. There are two men, quite famous, who claim to have invented the Mai Tai. Both with wildly different recipes, both pretty much fancy daiquiris. Whatever the case of its origin, if you are an aspiring Rum connoisseur you would want to be across these two variations. Our pack will cover you.

For the price tag we will give you all recipes through 1944, 1950, 1961 and 1971 and a little bit of banter material on each.

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