Navazos I Think Manzanilla Sherry


Bottle Size: 375ml
ABV: 15%

Why You'll Love It

We thought about not writing 150 words on old yeast because it sounds gross. Then we thought, you are a discerning adult who can appreciate the finer details of these products. So... Picture yourself pressing grapes and putting the juice in barrels on a mountain in Spain. On that juice grows a layer of yeast which we call Flor. Which sounds quite pretty, tbh. The wine ferments beneath that seal and we are left with a dry, incredibly fragrant, complex drink. This particular label has been in our bar fridge for many years and continues to trump many more luxurious brands. After sitting under that yeast cap for 4.5 years (wow) it is bottled 'en rama' (that means undisturbed or so) to make it taste not like you were drinking from a sterilized bottle, but straight from the barrels in Jerez. We might go and have one now, actually.

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