Pernod Absinthe


Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 68%

Why You'll Love It

Recipe from 1805. Colour changing when diluted. Wormwood heavy. Delish. Discerning Disclaimer: wormwood is an herb. It is not hallucinogenic in any way shape or form. We think some French painters blame it for some great works of art but they also loved opium and fibs. It is high in alcohol though, so stay away from open flames, drink responsibly and add a dash at a time to all your tiki drinks. It's worth it. Fun fact: when bartenders started writing cocktail books full of great recipes, they were received with immediate praise. The success of the very first recipe book, The Bartender's Guide by Jerry Thomas demanded a sequel almost immediately. With no time or means to create more drinks, Thomas added many of the same drinks with the adjective 'improved' before them. Turns out to 'improve' a cocktail it just takes a dash of absinthe. So use this to improve your next Old Fashioned, Pina Colada or Apple Cider.

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