Raspberry Daiquiri Bottled Cocktail

$22.40 $32.00
Bottle Size:

Cocktail Ingredients

Ron Cubay Blanco Rum
MONIN Raspberry Syrup
Purified Water

Also Included

Dehydrated Lime

Why You'll Love It

Cocktail geeks and people who lie about liking Hemmingway can be directed to our classic Daiquiri Pack here.

Are they gone? Agree that red fruits and limes and sugar cane can all go into the same bottle? So do we. The daiquiri has been void of fruit for far too long. We want to bring it back and we’re starting with Raspberry.

As per, we use Cuban rum, great fruits, and a whole lot of extra love to bring you something to pour over ice, blend, shake up, add cream, however you like your daiquiri, we are here for you.

Old Man & the Sea is a short read though, not to badmouth Ernest too much. Read it in an afternoon with a Raspberry Daiq!

200ml serves 2 cocktails, 375mL serves 6 generous cocktails and 700mL around 10 (depending on your pour, mood and thirsty friends!).

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