Regans' Orange Bitters

$24.50 $35.00

Bottle Size: 148ml
ABV: 45%
We spend so much time here discussing creations of the 19th century. We never seem to get the time to discuss the icons that have lived with us and hosted us in the best bars or dining rooms of our time. Maybe that is because too many personalities exist now. Maybe because the loudest voice can so often drown out the most talented. That being said, since prohibition there have been less than a handful of people as influential as the late, great Gary Regan. An eccentric entertainer, who would not let you forget the Negroni and who brought you the single greatest Orange Bitters to ever advance your Martini game. If you have ever had a cocktail, you can thank Gary Regan. And if you own any spirit, this product will improve it.

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