River Spiced Bottled Cocktail 700ML

$68.60 $98.00
Bottle Size:

Cocktail Ingredients

West Winds Christmas Gin 2021
Red Flowers
Margaret River Verjuice
Distilled acids
Filtered Water

Also Included

Dehydrated Limes

Why You'll Love It

The West Winds does it again with the Margaret River. We have taken a very rare Christmas Gin from these damn fine people and just had to put it into a Christmas cocktail. Had to.

This is one for pouring straight from the fridge over ice, stirring briefly before sipping straight up as a martini or lengthening with a good quality soda.

Flavours within are Australian and very seasonal. Christmas Bush, Pimento, Christmas spices, brioche, red flowers, and cinnamon myrtle.

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