Starward Two-Fold Australian Whisky


Bottle Size: 700ml
ABV: 40%

Why You'll Love It

Two things need to be said for Two-Fold. Ingredients and weather. If you are going to take a dive into the world of whisky cocktails, this is a ripper. All Aussie malted barley and wheat fermented with the same yeast that makes the craft beers we adore. Aged in barrels from great Australian red wine regions. Now we have good grain, and fruity barrels, that's it for ingredients. We don't know if you have ever been to Melbourne but they invented latte's and cocktail bars and ukuleles. They also have famous weather, in that it starts warm, then is cold, then snows, then is blisteringly hot again within the same 45-minute turnaround. This allows the small barrels for Two-Fold expand and retract and interact with the liquid rapidly. The result is a clean, yet complex whisky, that when served with tonic or soda could make any discerning drinker forget all about gin and vodka.

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