Two Thirds Negroni Bottled Cocktail

$62.30 $89.00
Bottle Size:

Cocktail Ingredients

The West Winds Plum Gin

Also Included

Dehydrated Oranges

Why You'll Love It

For the Negroni connoisseurs who are looking to evolve their serve, then look no further. Our Two Thirds of a Negroni is your newest must have in your collection. The plum and sloe berry flavours of the West Winds Plum Gin brings savoury and sweet together with its tart plum, zesty citrus and warm sweetness from native banksia honey backed up by an earthy, spirituous gin and when added to Campari you’ve got the ultimate Negroni.

 Serves around 10 (depending on your pour, mood and thirsty friends!)

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